RAVE: Taiwan Bureaucracy!

It is not often that one can rave about government bureaucracy and it is with great pleasure that I’m doing so as I am used to the - in 2 to 8 weeks before shit can be even looked at in US or Canada.

My fiancee and I went to recover my national ID card (I’ve never lived in Taiwan but was born here) and also to register our marriage certificate plus get my ID account for tax purposes so that I can file my taxes online if I ever have any income here in Taiwan - all this under 1.5hrs and all in the same building! Talk about speedy! We were like the 30th place in the electronic queue and I was pleasantly surprised that all we had to do was wait 15mins before we were being served!!! Wow!

Getting married here is a piece of cake. Just get two witnesses and have their signature stamps ‘embossed’ onto the form, bring the pre-filled form to the administration building and voila - in under 30mins you’re married! Speedier than Vegas.

Also, my now wife goes for an interview at AIT at 8am and the next day we have her passport stamped with the necessary L2 Visa! Talk about SPEEEEEEDY! Honestly, you can’t get any faster than that! I thought she’d have to undergo criminal checks at the very least!

Even getting the burnt out light bulf for my wife’s scooter fixed took less than 10mins and right away too! If this were in Canada/US, forget about it… at least one hour before they’d even look at your scooter.

So ya… this is just a FYI. I’m really impressed with how efficient things are around here!