Rc cars

Where are the good hobby stores in Taipei? I’m looking for the good stuff, not Toys r’ us type. Traxxas, Losi, HPI… Bunch of it is made here, where do I get it? Racetracks?

One such shop is on Heping West Road, between Roosevelt and Chong Qing Rd. Walk west from Guting MRT and you should see it (South side of Heping).

the store that used to be right next door to Kunyang MRT is now dead, gone, kaput.

I Know the guy on Hoping, good guy. There’s a place in Shijr speedrc.com.tw is the wedsite. Any more?

There’s a good one in Taichung. Called ‘sky hobby.’ It’s on Zhong Gang near the intersection with Wenxin, opposite the buddhist restaurant (mmm, nice food) and cafe (mmm, nice coffee). Maybe they have branches near you. Decent prices, I thought.

Sounds interesting, do they have a website I could check out?

Still lookin for toys. anyone know any racetracks? shops?

I’ve been to the racetrack in Sanchung a lot lately, nice place. It’s fully lit for night driving too.

I know the off road track in Taichung and a road race track in dajia but are you in Taipei?

I am going to move to Taipei next year, wanna find a place to run my HPI, Tamiya and Graupner

Yes, I’m in Taipei. Where do you shop for cars and parts? How’s the off road track? The dirt track I know here is overgrown and flooded so we’re mostly running the road cars.

So far i didn’t need any parts. I drive the graupner very gently even i have some spare parts, if i break anything major that will be the end of it.
I have to have the parts shipped from germany for graupner.

For Tamiya and HPI, there is a shop close to my house in Dali, Taichung. But as i said, i didn’t need any parts so far.
There is also Sky Hobby here but i never go inside since it looks like a jewelery shop instead of a hobby shop.

Hobby shop for me is a place where many people gather around and talk if they aren’t playing and inside should be a little dirty with many parts lying around.

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What cars are you running? I’m having the most fun with my rally converted tt01 right now, I run that and the old Stampede the most now. I’ve got a few team magic motor for $180nt each that go great.

I got the Graupner mini impulse off road buggy with OS Max .15 engine this is 11 years old car and still kicking.
for on road got a HPI RS4 with OS Max 12CV engine and 2 speed transmission - full upgraded chasis, bearings, carbon upper chassis, belt tensioners and tuned pipe. About 11 years old also but right now don’t have any body work on it. Corvette body i had broke after a roll (10 years of abuse?)

Tamiya is with TL 01 chassis shaft drive. Full ball bearings and super stock 540 motor.

I did a few races back home but nothing major, usually having fun with friends