Re: Bai Xianyong Lecture on "Dream of the Red Chamber"

One of my friends sent me this information, perhaps some of you might be interested in attending:

雲門舞集的公演是演出經典之作紅樓夢﹐並且舉辦講座﹕白先勇講紅樓夢 憑演出票卷 預約入場。

台灣大學第二活動中心 國際會議廳
2/19 (六) 晚上 7﹕30 - 9﹕30


I’m going to try to find out some more information and will then post it here.

In order to get into the Bai Xianyong lecture, you have to purchase tickets to see the performance of “Dream of the Red Chamber” at CKS Memorial Hall, showing from the end of March to the beginning of April. After you purchase your tickets, you can reserve a spot for the lecture (it’s free). Bai Xianyong is one of Taiwan’s most famous authors and wrote the famous gay novel “Crystal Boys” (Niezi), which is about the gay life in New Park (now 228 Park).

Anyway, everything is being hosted by 雲門舞集, and you can get more info on their website (they have an English version too):

Bai Xianyong lecturing on Dream of the Red Chamber…God, why am I not in Taiwan right now…

LittleBuddhaTW. I think you might find this lecture of interest to your studies.

台北 敦南誠品B2視聽室 2/27 (日) 2:00~4:00pm

More info on the website:

Wow! Thanks for the info! Looks like this will be a good month for “Dream of the Red Chamber” lectures!