Re: Metamucil

Anyone know where I could find some Metamucil, or something very similar to it?

Metamucil is a kind of mild laxative, right?

I never saw it in Taiwan, though I did see it in Hong Kong long ago.

Probably better to buy bran. You might be able to find that in the American Grocery Store in Tianmu. Years ago I once succeeded in buying rice bran from a rice shop. I have seen Kellog’s All-Bran (or some similar name) in Taipei’s Wellcome supermarkets recently. That plus some prunes and raisins ought to do the job.

For really stubborn cases, there are always enemas (guangchang in Chinese) sold at pharmacies everywhere. Probably shouldn’t rely on this too often though.

If you’re having continuous problems along these lines, you should get a colonoscopy, even though these are no fun. Habitual constipation can be a first warning sign of some underlying intestinal problems that shouldn’t be ignored.


It’s a less than pleasant side-effect of a medication I’m taking.

What about Raisin Bran? Is that worth a try? Where could I find it? I know my local grocery store has prune juice, but that stuff is just nasty …

There are a couple of health-food places near DingXi MRT station. One is nearly opposite exit 1 (other side of the street), and the other is maybe half a mile down the road (left turn out of exit 1, cross the street, it’s before you get to the K Hotel but after the Partyworld KTV).

I know they have bran (the first one makes some excellent bran scones with raisins). PM me if you want better locations or a stock check – AFTER the hurricane dies down. :smiley:

I know right where that place is. Thanks! Just need to find out how to say “bran” in Chinese first. :smiley:

If you look in an English-Chinese dictionary, you’ll usually find two characters, fu1 and kang1. Actually, the reality is a little more complicated - kang1 usually refers to the husk or chaff, which in Taiwan is normally used as chicken feed. The more edible (for humans) bran is generally referred to as fu1.

And to specify, mai4fu1 is “wheat bran”. The Chinese are more familiar with mi3fu1 (rice bran), but that’s probably not what you want.

And thanks for the tip about the health food stores, Mapo - I may check that out next week when I’m in Taipei.


Its important to poop. I poop good.

Well good for you. :unamused: