Re: Okinawa Visa Trip

My ARC and residency visa will be expiring in the beginning of August, and I’m thinking of going to Okinawa to get my new visa (I’ll be going back to school to continue studying Chinese, and giving up on the English teaching thing for a while). Anyway, could someone please give me some information on making a visa trip to Okinawa. Where is the Taiwan Representative Office located? Is it far from the airport? How long does it take to get processed? I’m planning on staying for maybe 4 days or so, and visit some places, as I’ve always wanted to go to Okinawa. Any suggestions on places to go and/or things to do while I’m there? Also, do U.S. citizens need a visa from Japan for that short of a stay? (I’m assuming they have visa-free entry, but who knows). Thanks!!!

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