Re:School for Sale post


This thread is “Locked”…is there a particular reason?

Is there something to be aware of when posting an item such as this?

Thanks for moving it to the proper location.

I didn’t lock this one, but because of the “not for discussion” nature of the Taiwanted forum, we lock a lot of posts to stop people posting off-topic crap in what should be a serious post. Happens with things like jobs and schools for sale, when people post things like “who would work for that amount of money?” or “why would you buy a place in Douliu?”.

Yes, I did it for the above reasons, especially because I didn’t figure you wanted to answer anybody’s queries online. If somebody has questions, they can contact the seller.

Thanks for the reply Taffy.
I did respond to both your email and the PM you sent about this being locked.

As I mentioned, I will gladly respond to any valid questions by interested, and qualified, person(s).

Also, an occasional “bump” would help keep this from fading into the nether world where it would not be viewable. “Locking” the post also prevents any additional information be added to the advert.