Reach out and make a connection

Hi. My name is Angelica. Even though I am Taiwanese, I haven’t lived in Taiwan since I was nine. Since then, I have been back to visit, sometimes for months at a time, yet failed to make any friends at all. My life in Taiwan revolved around my family, and I usually end up bored and depressed after the first week.

Well this time it’s going to be different. I am going to be in Taipei from December 5th until the end of January. During that time I would like to hang out with other young people in the Taipei area. I feel like I have a lot to offer. I love Taipei. I’m very familiar with various restaurants (and snack vendors), bookstores, night markets, parks, cinemas etc…all around the city. It’s a great place and the one thing I really miss here is friendship.

Even if you don’t live in Taipei (or want to meet me, I suppose), any advice on how to find people will be greatly appreciated. I never feel as lonely as when I am shopping in Xiemending all by myself.

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my advice is goto a bar until you are good drunk and look for the biggest troll

there are tons of fun people on this board, go to one of the event (ie, movie night or game club) and you will see some of the greatest posters there…

good luck and enjoy Taiwan!

I’ve been in Taipei for 7 years. There are too many places & activities to go and enjoy myself. There are too many friends to hang out with.

However, to soothe the feeling of loneliness is another thing.

To clarify, barhopping and other crazy nightlife activities isn’t really an option when you’re living with your mother and she expects you to be home for dinner and then stay home.

And I am looking strictly for friendship. Not that I have anyone in my life right now, but a long-distance relationship is not what I’m looking for.

And thanks, Maika W, I will check out the event boards.

I know exactly what you mean. I live with my grandma and she is like a 2nd mom to me, so coming home at 2 AM is a big NO-NO for her, but then again, I still do it… bad Miaka, bad Miaka :no-no: