Readmoo eBook Reader

Anyone have any experience with these? I have seen them for sale recently in Taiwan. They support Epub/txt/docx/pdf. I’m guessing they support English in addition to Chinese.



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I have a Kobo aura one and is amazing for english books, in chinese the words are all together so dictionary is a pain to use, Maybe Readmoo have better support for chinese. The experience of select your fonts and your ligth is amazing and I will never go back to papper and you can find any book for “free”.

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Do these books “reflow” to fit the screen?

Or do they maintain their own format like a .PDF?

the best is use .epub, for .pdf is slow and not worth it imo. Pdf you can zoom and move but too slow.

But you can find almost anything in .epub on library genesis and project gutenberg for older books and free legal way.

They look cool and the sleepy/reading cow is awesome.

Is it a Taiwanese company?

Looks like it’s a company from Taiwan, Taipei office.

With a name like that I don’t think it could be anything else

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I bought one (the small one) for my wife last year. The plus sides are obviously the large selection of books in traditional Chinese. It also supports displaying the characters from top to bottom or horizontally, which is a nice touch for local readers.

The build quality is okay, but not as good as my Kindle. Interface is likewise not as smooth. It is backlit (although it’s a kind of reddish light, to save on eye-strain I guess).

My wife broke the screen once after throwing it in a bag without a case, which was NT$2000 to repair. The screen broke again with a case on, which she managed to argue them into a free repair for. The fact the screen breaks so easily is a little worrying, although my wife can be pretty careless with such stuff.

I have never seen her read anything in English on it, but it can definitely show English characters so I assume it must be able to show English books. I can check if it has an English interface option if you want.

Readmoo is the only ebook reader available at Eslite.

@Parkemoon Can you check for English interface option?

I hope to load it up with epubs.

I see one them NT$4290.