Real cause of the rise in knife crime?

Weed? It’s rare enough seeing someone high get off the couch unless it’s for snacks. Hard to imagine they’re now stabbing each other.

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The UK needs more weapon sweeps conducted by police to keep the streets safe.



I wish this was photoshopped…


Is the UK really like this?
You can’t have baseball bats? LMAO
How often do weapon sweeps occur?

“Oh mate, you’re under arrest for walking to baseball practice without a baseball bat license. Cheeky bugger u arrr mate”

image image

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How such an outstanding man had such a moron for a brother is beyond me.

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Peter Hitchens is a bit of a crackpot. His brother got all the brains, I reckon.

He’s a big supporter of private gun ownership, so I have no idea why he’s bothered about people carrying knives. What’s the difference?

My theory is that British kids are knifing each other simply because they’re bored. Getting into fights has been the usual recreation of the drinking classes, and carrying weapons is a natural progression. There’s a growing streak of nihilism in British culture - basically, the place has lost any sense of identity or greater purpose - and that probably provides an excuse to up the stakes. If life is meaningless, it doesn’t matter much if a life ends.


Good to see that they also confiscated 1 ruler, although they forgot to include in the description. :smirk:


They did do lots of stop and search but there was a big issues about racial profiling …

Hitchens, P, is such a predictable thick Lefty turned thick Righty. The Hitch always surprised. Peter is opposed to drugs. Big surprise.

My view on knife crime in the UK is it’s not a significant problem. The number of people lost to it are tiny, and the majority of those killed would have been a cost to the nation.

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Ouch that was right between the eyes. ! But unfortunately in economic terms mostly true, not all but yeah mostly.

They might look like a joke but aren’t a joke when pulled on you.

Except the bike wheel!

It’s a significant problem according to the kids living there in London isn’t it ?

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Yes, of course it is.

Knife crime is not new, they had a big crack down on it about 10 years ago. just seams to have come back in to fashion.

One of the young guys who was killed last week in London was stabbed twice before.

The point is this: you wouldn’t see the police confiscating a screwdriver, a mallet and a petrol can from a middle class guy in a suit, because he’s probably just a DIY enthusiast who owns a weedwhacker. The unspoken assumption is that, as far as the plebs are concerned, a screwdriver is a weapon (or a housebreaking implement), not a tool.

And because that is unspoken, nobody can voice the root of the problem: the chavs do what chavs do because they’re chavs, not because they have access to Homebase.


Supposedly in the middle ages and even later periods Londoners used to bash each other’s heads in all the time, at a rate that is 5x modern times or somefing.

It’s a real ole tradition. Cor blimey gov.

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That’s as maybe, but it’s not the middle ages.

Oh I know I shouldn’t joke about it.
Supposedly Sunday was the worst for it as the labourers woukd go drinking then.