Real Taiwan living experiences they don't tell you about

If your job provides a pension too on top of a sweet healthcare plan your job is hardly representative of the benefits the large majority of jobs in the U.S. provide.

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Hey man, go Union.

  1. High deductible plans are increasing in the represented workforce as well.
  2. There’s not that many union jobs with the same pay ceiling working reasonable hours
  3. High deductible plans and HSAs are a wedge issue - many younger employees see them as better (pay less, save money, they’re invincible (that’s probably a way more unions are going to be driven to them)).

(And as an aside, we used to have a union. Fuck that noise (for professionals.))

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Ahh here it is. It’s nice you’ve got a good gig, but your example is definitely not representative of the country.

Third world systems do indeed need more unions. I dislike unions once they over burden a country to apoint nothing gets done. But some developing countries could use them, here included. Best of luck USA :hugs:

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Only people who I ever hear praising US healthcare system is people who are extremely wealthy even by American standards.

That means most average American hate it if they knew how good most other countries, including developing ones have it.

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And who’s fault is that? People keep worrying about stupid shit and not their bottom line. Vote Union! Nah. Vote to protect your uterus or your right to pray at a football game! dindgdingdong

And who are these people? People you know, or just people you read about? And are they complaining about the care or simply as you seem to be doing, the cost?

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Yes, there is a need for them still. Though as you say not all places.

Ya. Unfortunately with all our infinite “wisdom”, everything still gets done with the pendulum system.

One day…:slight_smile:

You say that like it’s a zero sum game. It’s really not. Voting in favor of me, not someone else, controlling my body extends to healthcare rights (like having an abortion or actually getting any medical attention at all when pregnant), workplace safety (not being expected to carry insanely heavy boxes or move faster than/alongside machines), religious freedom (kneeling to pray after a football game), salaries that reflect the work that’s being done, and everything else that normal people consider “fundamental human needs being met”.

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Why is Amazon so against a union and why would people generally prefer a unionised job than working in an Amazon warehouse?


Wow that is pretty shit for so called ‘health insurance’. It should just be called bankruptcy insurance instead.

That would only work if one sudden illness didn’t have the potential to actually send you into bankruptcy…

Because union busting is massive industry and people who just need money to put food on the table will lap up anti-union nonsense if it means they can continue to have a paycheck with no understood additional work

And people are idiots and believe the union busters.

My dad was high level management/training in a factory. There was a union drive and my dad, obviously against company wished, pushed the workers to accept the union. He told them they would be screwed if they didn’t. They voted no, and shortly after lots of full timers with good pay and benefits got laid off. The company started hiring temp workers almost exclusively and the company went from being a place to build a nice middle class life to another shithole breeding poverty.




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8% of large firms offered high deductible plans in 2005. 67% did last year, and it’s increased pretty linearly. This is the new standard.

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Talk about peddling misinformation. The fuck was this dude on about? He said 50 bucks to register a car for a year in the US. Where? Last time I paid yearly registration in Minnesota, just last year, it cost $300.

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My circle of Taiwanese friends is quite diverse and really fascinating.

It encompasses people in their mid-20s and up to people in their 70s. Business owners, professionals, lawyers, doctors, TV personalities, entertainers, and musicians.

Don’t take the opinions of anyone who writes stuff like this.

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Costs vary by state. The one where I have U.S. residence is about half that or less and not yearly; i.e., multiple years.