Real thai massage, shiatsu, tuina


i’m moving to taipei on march 19!

mostly i’m going to learn baguazhang, but i need to do some work too right?

i do thai yoga massage, shiatsu and tuina (i’ve spent 2 years studying shiatsu and tuina full-time in australia, 6 months doing a tuina internship at a hospital in shanghai, and two 12 day live-in thai massage courses with the sunshine network in northern thailand) and am looking for an employer to help me get a work permit and visa!!!

i also want to teach yoga (been practicing hatha yoga, vipassana, and chinese “internal” martial arts for about 10 years, recently did a four month full-time certificate course at the bihar school of yoga in india)…

but, i’m happy to do massages in my home or anywhere (just need a mat on the floor), and private yoga classes anytime.

hmmm this self-promotion thing feels a bit lame, hey.

oh and i can speak japanese, thai, mandarin, portuguese. hooray for me. :bravo:

so anyway, if anyone has any good ideas for massage places or yoga schools that might want to give me a job and a work permit, or is interested in getting some massage (the thai massage i do is always whole-body and takes about 2 hours, the shiatsu is again whole body treatments of between 45min-1.5hrs, tuina i can do for as short or long a period as is necessary/desired - better for specific problems [musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory, headaches, etc]) or learning some yoga, drop me a line, here or at


Simon :sunglasses:

Maybe some free massages of high profile/postcount posters who can write glowing recommendations would be good… you know, for business. :slight_smile:

haha good idea!

or i could create new accounts with fake names and claim “simon’s just amazing! he fixed my lifelong back problems just by looking at me” and so on.

oh yeah i also do cupping (with the suction cups!), which is nice.

Oooh - is that the new “Spanish Inquisition” style massage I’ve been hearing so much about? Sign me up!

There are some foreigners teaching yoga in Taiwan. I don’t know how they fixed up their work permits. Browse the health and fitness forum or search the site for “yoga” to find yoga school details.

I do know that they pay well at Pure Yoga and True Yoga. You can also check into Alexander Gyms because they are soon to open a yoga only gym.

Let me know if you start your own (not at these horribly expensive places) yoga classes. I might join up.

[quote=“slymon”]haha good idea!

or i could create new accounts with fake names and claim “simon’s just amazing! he fixed my lifelong back problems just by looking at me” and so on.

oh yeah i also do cupping (with the suction cups!), which is nice.[/quote]

No, no, as JD said, they need to be HIGH COUNT posters, you know the type that have been around since 2001 and have at least 3000 posts. That kind.

:laughing: Thanks for the laugh. You’d be surprised how many people try that fake name thing…

I’ve recently got into yoga here and its pretty damn amazing.

thanks everyone for the replies…


ok here i am in Taipei…

can’t say i’ve made up my mind about this place yet, city life again! we’ll see how it goes.

anyway i haven’t got a job yet (i’m trying with the big yoga places but they’re a bit over-the-top…) but if anyone’s up for some one-on-one or small-group classes, or knows anyone wanting some thai massage, shiatsu or tuina (do i need to say that i’m “serious” here? i think maybe i do. no “relief”! no funny business whatsoever! thank you) then let me know.

i was thinking at least 1000-1500NT for the thai massage (2-3 hours) and starting at 500NT for minimum of half an hour shiatsu, 800NT for an hour, 1000 for 1.5 hrs, and so on! how much to people normally pay for massage? what about for yoga classes? i’ve spent several years and plenty of money for my schooling!

haha so, anyone interested? or any advice? am I even allowed to post this kind of stuff here?

i’m still new and trying to work things out, not blatantly advertising.

maybe i’ll mention that a lot of what i’m doing is based in chinese medicine? and that’s another big reason why i’m here in taiwan, to keep studying (i have one “diploma of health science” from australia, in TCM, shiatsu and tuina). i’ve got a couple of teachers here so i’ll be doing clinical training with them a few times a week as long as i’m here.

so by supporting me you’ll be helping me stay here, learn more, get better, get back to india later this year to learn even more and better yoga! and even more advanced thai yoga massage! and then come BACK and keep going!

:smiley: i could easily teach tuina, shiatsu or thai massage too, come to think of it.