Reasons for NWOHR getting TARC

If TARC is given, then it´s proved by the government, isn´t?

It sounds like to me you need pre-approval from the government ahead of applying for a TARC under one of those categories but it could be as simple as applying at the same office that issues TARCs. Can you go in with a Chinese-speaking friend/relative and find out?

Why 7 years? To apply TARC?

Yes per AF385

But enrolling in mandarin classes is not a reason to apply TARC? AF368, AF369?

Doubt it. Only degrees and vocational courses.

I know a lot of international students at NSYSU in Kaohsiung who are enrolled in Mandarin classes at the university, but did so only for the visa, and are not actually taking their classes seriously. You could maybe look into that.

It shouldn’t be difficult to enroll in “degree” Mandarin classes.

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The college doesn´t give you a diploma or degree after completion of the course. Just a score table.

Regardless, whatever they give you, it is apparently enough for my friends to obtain a visa to come here. If I see them I can ask them for more details, and let you know.

There are Mandarin classes you can enrol in as a student in a degree program.

If I enroll in mandarin classes at a TW college, do I have to leave and re-enter TW each 6 months?

No, you’ll get an ARC (or TARC in your case) like any other foreigner.

I had an email response from a University:

Hi, when you apply mandarin course , we do not check your ARC, as long as you can legally stay in Taiwan, you can apply for courses in our university.

If you want to apply for a visa to study Chinese, you must apply at the Taiwan representative office in your country after enrolling in the mandarin courses and obtaining the admission letter.

Only eligible to apply for the resident visa after having completed 4 months of study and registered for the following semester. (=1 year).

Thank you

Accordin to NIA reasons, what reason will be this case?

AF368, I believe.

But don’t worry about the reason. If you are accepted by the university, they will help you with the TARC application process. If you are not sure if you should write AF368 in your application form, just leave it blank.

Just make sure the university knows you are a NWOHR passport holder, and not a foreigner. Otherwise they may apply for an ARC by mistake.

Does it matter ARC or TARC? Both are residence certificate. The only different is TARC is ARC for NWOHR.

I believe NIA is the one that will defines if it´s ARC or TARC.

Yes, it does matter as both are very different to each other. ARC stands for Alien Resident Certificate while a TARC stands for Taiwan Area Resident Certificate. Note that there’s no “alien” in a TARC as you are already considered a National. One must possess a TARC right before getting their Taiwan ID so that means you must hand in your ARC or APRC and exchange it for a TARC.

Yes, but if the school thinks you are a foreigner, then they might incorrectly apply for ARC which is a completely different application form. That’s why you need to make sure they know you are a Taiwanese (without household) trying to get a TARC (and eventually a Taiwanese ID).

But if getting a Taiwanese ID is not your goal, then it doesn’t matter if you come into Taiwan as a Taiwanese or a foreigner, so it won’t matter if you apply for ARC or TARC.

The application is online and there is a TAB for NWOHR:

NIA will only review the information.