Receipt help

I’m lost about receipts. I’m learning Chinese but it is very poor at this point. I’ve been here ~4 months.

I guess common convenience stores like Family Mart and 7-11 are supposed to always give (paper or electronic) receipts? They rarely give me a paper receipt. I usually use my EasyCard, if that matters at all.

Are the receipts that I have not been receiving stored anywhere like some account associated with my EasyCard? I’m guessing not unless I had already done something like the following:

Today I finally downloaded this Invoice Passbook app and got a barcode. Can I just show this barcode to them or will this lead to a barrage of questions?

Is there a way to associate my EasyCard with the Invoice Passbook account so that I don’t have to show the barcode and whatever I buy with my EasyCard will automatically have the invoice stored?

EasyCard can store digital receipts. You can check if you won using the terminals in convenience stores.

Read up all about digital receipts here:

You can link your EasyCard to your ‘Mobile Phone Barcode’ to have all digital receipts accumulate at one place.

While we’re on the subject, be sure you demand a receipt at places that are supposed to issue them. There’s a restaurant in my neighborhood that never voluntarily gives you a receipt unless you ask for it. How much tax has it evaded over the years is anyone’s guess :angry: