Received this Reply From the Government Land Deparment

I’m sure the same applies to most other nationalities:


主題:Answer Foreigner Property Rights
Dear Joseph :
The NewZealander can buy the apartment in Taiwan.
And in the situation of using the Real Estate legally, the owner has the right to manage his Real Estate, include renting.
As to other related regulation, please refer to … 94;English.
Thanks for your letter.
best regards,

Tom C. Soong,Commissioner,
Department Of Land,Taipei City Government. … ces/01.htm

When I talked to the bank they said that I should worry about applying for rights and approval after buying the property. I presume it’s just part of what the soliciter does…

Owning or Leasing the Land

1.The ordinary limitation
Foreigners may acquire or set the rights in R.O.C. that is limited by their countries’ pacts or laws citizen of R.O.C. may have the equal rights.

2.Limitations on types of land and region
All agricultural land, forest, fishery, pasture, saltern, diggings, region of water resource, military zone, and region of the border can not be transferred, mortgaged, or leased to the foreigners.

3.Limitations on the usage of the land

Foreigners no matter buy or lease the land are limited to the list of below:
◆Shops & factories
◆School for children of foreigners
◆Embassy & meeting -place of the public-minded community
◆The investments which are benefit on economy and farming are ratified by the central related management department.
Except in the case that there is a registration of changes in category of land for the business. The purpose of the land which is leased or owned by foreigners for the business that is chartered by R.O.C. can not be changed.

It is differentiate into the general and special procedure. General procedure means that the foreigners to lease or to own the land should apply for the approval from the related city or county government. For those whose want to transfer or to change the category of the land, they are also needed to apply for the approval by the related city or county government.
For the special procedure, it is referred to the procedure of the foreigners lease or buy the land for the investments which are benefit on economy and farming are ratified by the central related management department. That is the foreign company acquire real estate in Taiwin shall present its application for the acquisition of the related city or county government and then to be forwarded to the Ministry of Economic Affairs for final approval.

6.Rights and Duties of those foreigners who have the land rights
Foreigners who want to lease or own the land must first get the approval, and later apply for the registration. After the registration, foreigners will have the rights and duties over the land under the laws and regulations of R.O.C.