Receiving SMSs from abroad on CHT mobile number

Hi. I am not receiving some important SMS messages from abroad. Specifically, 2-factor authentication SMS messages sent from European banks never show up on my mobile. I can’t perform certain operations like payments and transfers that require the SMS code, and I’ve been locked out of my foreign accounts twice already as they do a SMS check every three months. I have a CHT pre-paid number on a 90 days 4G “Ideal” plan with “unlimited” data + voice. I did ask a friend in Japan to send me an SMS as a test, and that arrived normally.

There was a similar discussion here some 2 years ago, but that was about the reverse situation (unable to receive SMS while abroad) and was inconclusive.

Is anyone having this experience or know how to solve this? Thanks.

Sounds like it may be an issue with your European banks not being able to sms Taiwan phone numbers?

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I know it’s not a solution but you may want to just setup a VOIP number from Europe and have those banks text to your European number. I do this for US banks. Using VoIP eliminates the roaming problem. Or just use a prepaid phone from Europe and roam on it if the previously mentioned service is too expensive or not available.

We have the same problem with tiawan authentication abroad (outside of taiwan). It has cost many loads of money, time and pain in the ass! Be it email, credit card, banking or otherwise. It is an anti fraud thing that seems to cause huge amounts of issues.

I am curious how to solve this as well. We have communicated with banks, email companies etc and basically they said tough shit. Which made foreignTravel a f***ing nightmare! Now we travel with loads of cash, which is always better. But not great if robbed.