Recent Processing Times for US Dept of State Authentication?

Hello I am about to send in documents to be authenticated by the US Dept of State, which I then plan to submit to TECO. Has anyone does this in the last few months and can share how long it took? The website shows that it will take 4 weeks but I am wondering if this is accurate and whether I should ask an agent to help with this process. Thank you.

Are you in Taiwan now?

If yes, yes, just use an agent. It’s not that expensive and you don’t have to be arsed with all the nonsense.

I had to do my joining family visa ARC thing six months ago. Do not regret using an agent one bit. Can recommend if you like. :+1: just pm me.

Thank you, I am in the US trying to organize all these documents for my residency application.

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Sent you a pm.

After asking around, I’m hearing 6-8 months wait times one year ago. I hope this has changed, your insight is appreciated!