Recommend Chinese chess program for Mac?

Are there any Chinese chess programs for Macs out there?

…or any free Chinese chess programs for Windows.

Please clarify?

I just meant like some software that would run on a Mac that would play a good game of Chinese Chess. It’s very easy to get softward (including freeware like GNU Chess) that plays Western-style chess, and I used to have some software that played Chinese chess, but I lost it and I can’t find it again.

Okay. In answer to my own question :sunglasses:

Here is a copy of a Chinese Chess Program, but it only runs on Mac OS 9 or earlier:

And here is a version that runs from a Java applet. You can download it to your computer, then use a browser to play it. (It works better with Explorer than it does with Safari.)

This is a program for MAC’s for live chess.

I’m blackcrusader on this internatyional chess club.

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I also have fritz but I’m not sure if they have a MAC software. I’ll take a look when I get home.

Can it play Chinese Chess (xiangqi) or only “Western-style” chess? I was looking for xiangqi. :slight_smile: