Recommend me some DVD-R disk (SLSS)

Bought some no-name DVD-R disk and burnt a backup, all seemed to go well except that I can’t read the DVD now.

Thus please recommend me a reliable single-layer single-sided DVD-R disc (4.7GB).

Or should I try DVD+R (my drive supports this)?

I always use Sony. Never a problem.

Same here. I use the DVD-Rs.

I swear by Maxell DVD-R. Some people go for discs from the factory Taiyo Yuden, Japan. Google “best dvd-r media”, or something like this, to find most up to date information. It changes sometimes… Some of the brands have bad names for their low quality optical media, too. Here’s a webpage you could refer to:

Yeah, the Taiyo Yuden from Japan are supposed to be the best for archival reliability as they use a gold layer. I’ve never seen them in Taiwan though - if anyone knows where to get them here, let me know.

Thanks, I will try the Sony as they seem easy to get.

cfimages, I found them at Nova before, at 2F, the shop in the corner. They were Taiyo Yuden sold under the “That’s” brand. You can ask the guy there. He should know. Well I hope he does… :s

Me recommend you Sony, Phillips, Maxell, those be good for quality you.

If bookstore name Tony you, price is good find you will.

Thanks, I’ll check it out this weekend.

You’re welcome. They might sell under different brand names and when I went there Taiyo Yuden was often not in stock. But when I was in luck, I always bought enough for the next few months.
I need to say this: It’s a Taiwanese salesman telling me that’s Taiyo Yuden. To be sure, you can use manufacturer-detection-software after you bought the discs. See my previous link.

I went to buy some Sony discs as recommended but it still didn’t work, turns out there is a problem with my laptop’s internal DVD drive - reading is fine but writing fails, can’t read the DVDs in any drive (tried 3 different ones).

Used an external writer now and it worked, can read them with my laptop, too.