Recommendation for freeware .jpg editor?

I need a very basic freeware .jpg editor. I need to be able to crop, change resolution and maybe change brightness/contrast only.

Any recommendations gratefully received.

The Draw package in OpenOffice can do those things I believe. It’s free but it’s a hefty download if you don’t have ADSL etc.

Ulead distributes a freeware product with some JPEG features, although I don’t remember if version 6 has the crop, resize, contrast/brightness features. I know version 7 does. But that only has a trial version on their site.

I’ve been using irfanview don’t know if it can help you.


The most powerful free image editing program you can get is the Windows port of GIMP at:

You’'ll need to install 2 files:



Thanks everybody. I’m trying out that Ulead Photo Explorer at the moment; it’s nice and simple; I’m going to download Irfanview in a moment and see how that is. The OpenOffice and WinGimp both look like excellent programs but have too many features for me.

Irfanview news. The newest version (3.85) now has support for Adobe Photoshop 8bf filters. This is VERY cool because there are alot of free plugins available. Since Irfanview is also free, the price can’t be beat. You can get latest version here: