Recommendation for private health insurance

Hi, since the national health insurance doesn’t kick in for 6 months, I’m looking for a private health insurance plan in the mean time.

Does anyone know how much private health insurance plans run for?
God any good recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

It may be better to get travel insurance from home country. Possibly 3 months max though . Worth a check

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Great suggestion @shiadoa! Seems like there are some traveler medical insurance that goes up even to a year.

Same question here, though I dont want to go down the road of home country insurance. I come from a very expensive country, and would be worried to be denied service after the fact as I’m officially a resident in Taiwan now.

How much do/did you pay for basic private insurance here (no need for pre-existing condition coverage)? Any recommendations?

I’m interested too - any updates?

@skilmosa I went with Safety Wing I was really satisfied with the flexibility, price, and transparency.

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Thanks for the pointer, it seems very straightforward and certainly offer competitive rates.
I will take it into serious consideration

Yeah it’s kind of one of a kind, for people who need midterm insurance beyond just short term travel.

I researched this a little further and discovered in the SafetyWing terms and conditions that their cap on payouts is quite low ($250k). Actually their underwriting company appears to be Tokio Marine and a larger coverage is available through their website, with more options for customising your package.
But in the end I went with World Nomads Travel Insurance ( ) where I found a competitive premium, underwritten by AXA, for unlimited coverage.