Recommendations for apple App Store games

I’m currently stuck in the hospital. At least until Monday. Bored out of my mind, any recommendations for games to on the App Store?

Check out the Kingdom Rush series. They’re tower defense games. Also, Plants VS Zombies.

I also have a soft spot in my heart for Tiny Wings. Check it out.

Stay away from any “freemium” games that require in-app purchases in order to advance at all like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans

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Read a freaking book, dude.

That’s a good idea. But I’m in Italy and my level of reading Italian would be children’s books lol. I guess the pictures are nice.

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Just started playing Bit City after not playing any games in a couple years.

Not bad for a Sim City lite type of game.

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Listen to podcasts. They’re free.


Good idea. I will ask someone to buy some cheap headphones. I left my house in a hurry for a hospital 2 hours away. And my girl can’t drive, so kind of rough for me as I didn’t bring much.

I always told her she should get a license ASAP.

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Can kill a little time with the free crosswords puzzle games. I find they help me refresh my English skills after living in a non English speaking location. All kinds of themes and levels.

Can also kill a little time with the free flight sims.

Is anyone ask or have you shared why the trip to the hospital? Too much boba tea or do they have it there?

I last few days I’ve woken really weak in my muscles. So much so I can’t walk or get out of bed without help. Strangely my strength improves as the day goes on.

Doing more testing. It’s not a degenerative disease like MS of ALS so that’s good.

I just remembered the first time I had minor symptoms like this was in malaysia when I moved into a newly built building. I was having headaches, coughs, hard time breathing and tired all the time. I opened all the windows and got air purifiers and left to sleep in a hotel for a few days and it got better. Idk if it has to do with that but they know what I have is a muscle issue. They don’t know why it’s causing it. Perhaps toxins or infection.

Ah, for those symptoms you’ll probably need GTA5 on a playstation.

Hope things are ok.


My right foot has been cramping recently for no reason. I’m neurotic so I’m constantly worried about MS, ALS or Parkinson’s. Deteriorating like that would be awful.

Hope you’re okay, @Andrew0409

(EDIT: obviously ALS would be a lot worse than MS… don’t mean to equate them, and most people do continue to lead productive lives with MS once they have a treatment plan)


I also freak out about those a lot. I sometimes drop things or run into things and freak out. But I remember I’m just clumsy and have long arms and legs lol

Eat :banana:

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iPad or iPhone?


Texas Hold’em (Apple)
One More Brick
Really Bad Chess
Alto’s Adventure
Alto’s Odyssey
Mini Metro
Words with Friends
Monument Valley
Plants vs Zombies
Field Runners 2
Simple Rocket

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