Recommended agent in Tainan?

I don’t normally use agents, but I can’t seem to find any visa jobs at present with any kind block hours.

Can anyone refer me to an agent in Tainan?

Golden Bridge is a consultancy (we also do agent work) run by Michael Chan. I also work there part time. Michael is honest, trustworthy, and usually able to find you a job. We have vacancies right now.

Michael (02) 2545 8113 or 0937 012 011
Brian 0952 392 676


I was frustrated to learn that this agent is in Taipei, when I clearly requested a lead for T-A-I-N-A-N. Why does everyone always assume everything is in Taipei? Job ads, forum posts, etc. Why don’t people ever mention where they are when it is relevant? :x

It’s domestic-geographical discrimination, I tell you! :slight_smile:

I emailed them once about a job I saw advertised on this website. I never received a reply.

I work in Tainan. PM me and I’ll give you the number of a good agent.

Sorry about that. I just didn’t read it carefully. Alfetta, we try and reply to everyone. I’m sorry if we somehow missed you. It’s possible wedidn’t get your e-mail or vice versa.