Recommended Petshop in Taipei ?

Hello Everyone, I am still new in this community
I would like to know if there is a recommended pet store in Taipei that sells exotic animals (sugar gliders,guinea pigs,ferrets,…etc…) or any petstore that sells more than dogs and cats.
Thank you for the information !!
Have a good one.

Cat and dog street near tpe 101 has at least one place that has bunnys, reptiles, and some other furry friends. Seen hedgehogs and other animals also on water street (aquarium)near neihu on minquan street

Dont think i have seen ferrets, but maybe i forgot…

There is a bunch in Xinjhuan, near Furen University. There is a general purpose pet shop, and a shop selling only reptiles. Further down, there is a shop selling beetles.

Very interesting question.

Depends on at least two things. 1) Is it legal and 2) would they have them.

If legal, then maybe not in Taipei, but somewhere in Taiwan. Shops in Taipei may just not want the attention even if legal.

South Taiwan who knows. Can see pet pigs, deer, lizard, etc. roaming around.

If u r nut Taiwanese, steer clear. Or deal with consequences.

I’m guessing u just joining 2 hours ago no most of dis.

Oh sorry,forgot to mention
Ofc its legal i mean lol
So i would prefer the one they can use it as a showcase in their store.

Is there more shops for your recomemendation?

Is it from the same area?
Or i need to take another mrt?

What do you mean? two districts have multiple shops.
One district is theme cats and dog , the other is fish.

Also the best reptile store i have seen is near ningxia night market

I can tell you the cat and dog street is limited for other options the one store is at the end of the area upstairs .
Aquarium street has at least three maybe four options for other pets…

There is also bird street ( but not sure about other animals there maybe they have some?)

I put that college name in Apple Maps and got notta


I got no idea what they are called in pinyin. Kinda like Tamsui and Danshui. No idea which is which.

There is a large pet shop that sells everything there. Another shop selling nothing but reptiles.

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