Recommending tradesmen who do the job right

There are lots of threads here moaning about the shoddy job that many tradesmen do here - the old ‘chabuduo’ approach. I myself am one of these whingers, this subject being the one thing guaranteed to dispel my Zen bubble of serenity in a flash.

So, can people out there recommend electricians/plumbers/builders who do the job to something approaching a Western standard? Or is this a ridiculous thing to ask?

If there a fair number of responses this would make a nice sticky. I’m not holding my breath though…

I have a good tile guy for kitchen, bathroom… hang on this IS taiwan… so he could probably do the entire house. :slight_smile:



I’m trying to get a discount on the purchase price of my house for what I see as a design flaw (tiled floors throughout - and 3rd floor is green. F’IN GREEN. I still haven’t found a rug that doesn’t clash.) I’d also like some skirting boards please instead of the beautiful rustic ‘tiling cement join’ look.

probably better to do it yourself… hell I feel I can do a better job than these blokes do, and that’s from watching too much “Home Improvement” and Bob Vila… I’d admit although Tim Allen from Home Improvement sounds like a hack, he does a lot better job than these so called tradesmen here…

I think they should be airing more DIY shows these days, but I’d admit the japanese does a wonderful job from watching their show, makes bob Vila sound like a Taiwan tradesmen…

i think the OP is lookig for help. rants are in the other thread. :slight_smile:

I’m your man if you need your toilet unblocked. I am really rather good at it.