Record player in Taipei

Anyone have recommendations for an audio store selling record players? I don’t need anything super fancy, maybe up to NT 5000 budget.

This one could be up @BurgeMeester12’s alley!


That’s a pretty low budget for a turntable in Taiwan. Eslite’s low end might be in that range, but I think at any audio store you’ll have to pay more.

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Maybe better to buy online rather than in a store then? If that’s how much it costs for a “low-end” one in Eslite, there are some okay-looking ones on Shopee for way cheaper.

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Maybe Eslite gets cheaper than that? I’m just kind of guessing. Turntables these days are more of an audiophile or music nerd thing. There’s not going to be a lot aimed at low-budget since recorded music is virtually free online and vinyl records are relatively expensive.

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Me too. It just seems like one of those things that would be considerably cheaper online than in a physical store, especially in Taiwan. Like you say, an audiophile/music nerd thing.

There is a whole area near Boai road where they sell all kinds of record players, speakers, the works.

This one for example:


Hey boulevardier,

You can see my set-up here: Bins for storing 12" and 7" records - #21 by BurgeMeester12

I recently got a basic Audio-Technica turntable and a pair of Edifier active bookshelf speakers.

My records (mostly hardcore and punk) sound good and I’m happy. I don’t need some super expensive setup here, but maybe some people do. I paid less than 15k. The shelf from Ikea not included.

The turntable was the same price online (through the Eslite app) as it was in the store. I felt better buying from them than I did from someone on Shopee, but that’s just me.

Feel free to message me if you have any other questions.


I’ve browsed them at Eslite and I know they have some lower-end stuff, I just don’t remember if it was lower than 5k or not. The other poster’s all-in cost of 15k is more like what I’d expect for something decent.

My AT-LP3XBT was just under 10k. They may have cheaper ones at Eslite but not by much. At that point at least in that store you’re looking at a record player with speaker combo (not too dissimilar to the Fischer Price toy record players some of us may have had as kids).


Oh, Facebook Marketplace for something second-hand could be a better option if you are looking to get something for under 5k.

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Looks like that particular one is exactly the same price on both Shopee (here and here) and Eslite (here):

There are some cheaper Audio-technica ones too (here and here).

Point is to look for reputable sellers rather than random ones. In this case if they’re the same price I’d go with Eslite all else being equal, but it’s not unusual for actual physical stores to also be selling the same products on Shopee etc. for cheaper.

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I read some reviews of the LP60 when I was researching cheap turntables and it seems decent enough. Price point is good as well.

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Ha, yes, that’s exactly the kind of set up I was imagining at the low end. At that point you might as well listen on your phone for free.

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I got a 2nd hand Technics from Japan yahoo (bought a 2nd for back up). Postage cost more than the record player. RP had no issues. Japan yahoo has hundreds of 2nd hand RPs.


Not paying 5000 for some made in china crap when they have it for 1000.

There’s the aforementioned Fischer-Price special!

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Thanks @BurgeMeester12 ! This is pretty similar to what I had in mind, super helpful to get a more realistic benchmark.

Nice finds, thanks much.

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I have one of these. It cost less than 5000 NTD at the time. I bought it in 三創生活 (SynTrend) or a very similar establishment. I’m very seldom in or near Taibei, and my memory is a bit fuzzy.

Honestly, I paid almost as much (5k) or more for the speakers which, obviously, don’t come with the record player. Probably a bit of clever upselling on the part of the clerk. The entire sale did come with warranties and free shipping within Taiwan. I’m not sure 蝦皮 would be as reliable. Also better to listen to the player in person.

I remember the shopping complex where I bought the player also had a decently stocked store with LPs, various genres, prices, both new and used. I think the record store was on the 5th floor and the electronics store was on the 3rd or 4th floor. Apologies for the spotty memories.

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Those LP’s are also costing more than 1000 each, some more than 3000.

It’s a huge ripoff.