Recording drums in Taipei - studios?

Hey guys

A question for the musicians out there: Do you guys know of any studios in Taipei where I could do good quality drum recordings? These would be for a project me and a mate back home have going on (he records guitar tracks, and I do the drum tracks).

I don’t mind paying a bit if the quality is really good.

There’s probably hundreds of places but here are two that I know of:

In Lane 37, Section 1 of Xinhai Road there is (was) a place run by a guy named Brad. That’s south of the corner of Xinhai and Roosevelt, the alley with the convenience store on the corner. He’s got a nice little studio in the basement with good equipment. I personally found the recordings a bit boxy sounding but we were recording live off the floor. I’m sure you could get a better setup. It was about 600NT$ an hour at the time.

Sorry that I can’t remember the name at the moment.