Recording from HDMI? HDMI capture cards?

Is there a way to capture HDMI output like the TV shows stored on your MOD hard drive because you are leaving and want to keep some shows? The way I understand it is once you stop paying, your shows become unreadable.
I read that there are HDMI capture cards and dongles that can block help your capture card ignore the validation requirement or whatever it’s called. What’s the best way. Thanks.

No one seems to reply. Is there a way to record television shows from hdmi video sources? I believe we still have a right to freely “record” our programs for personal use without being tied to a PVR service.
Or did we sign that away with service agreements.

You are always going to be able to record audio and video due to something called the analog hole. The crude way of thinking of this is our ears and eyes need to hear and see, hence (although it would be low quality) you can just record the sounds or film the screen. But in reality we can still get a perfect reproduction.

For HDMI it seems one approach is to use to use an HDMI splitter and then send one HDMI signal to your display and the other is sent to a converter and then stored to a USB drive.

That approach seems expensive as it recommends using a piece of equipment like this,

However it seems some devices do the splitting, conversion and storage all at the same time, for this purpose. Although after reading some of the comments it seems it is not perfect.

I only did a five minute search and don’t really have a need for this, but knowing what you are looking for might help. If you do find a cheap and easy way to do this, I would be interested in a follow up.