Recruiting from Taiwan

Hi all, I’m new to this forum so I am not sure exactly if this is okay. I am a recruiter from a recruitment firm and currently looking native Taiwanese to come and work in Malaysia. I need to know if its okay to post about this in Forumosafieds, or if its not, can someone direct me?

Thank you

Great thread. One of our posters @Andrew0409 actually just recently moved from Taiwan to Malaysia and is having a really awesome experience so far.


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I just saw his thread on his experience. Really hope he bounce from all the bad stuff. Where exactly was he staying in Malaysia?

curious about what kinds of jobs you think Taiwanese would want to do in Malaysia?

It’s okay.

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He’s in JB, as mentioned several times in his thread…which you just saw.

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@KHHville the position the company is offering is a customer service role. They are looking for native speakers to join them.

Native speakers of any specific language?

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@Dr_Milker no specific language was mentioned, just that it must be native Taiwanese

Link to the thread?

@WindyTown I miss Taiwan

I think most of us here are not native :blush:
Try 104; 1111

Here’s the job ad, maybe now the questions make a bit more sense:

@zayc, may I please respectfully nitpick a bit?

As mentioned by others, to hire “Native Taiwanese” has a very specific meaning here. It most commonly refers to the Aboriginal tribes, and thus unfortunately only a small fraction of the population is considered native. Depending on which aspect you mean to stress by that requirement (passport, language, cultural background, upbringing, …), you might want to consider using other terms like “Taiwan citizen”.

“Fluent English, native Taiwanese”: Taiwanese in this context refers to a language or dialect also called min Nan, southern min, or if I’m not mistaken sometimes hokkien. Many people here speak Taiwanese (note: many native Taiwanese = Aboriginal don’t), but it’s not the main everyday language for most: that would be Mandarin Chinese.

If you mean to Target native Mandarin speakers, perhaps ask for Mandarin. In case you want these customer service employees to care for Taiwan customers, I feel Mandarin is necessary, while Taiwanese would be only a slight advantage.

Good luck!

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