RED ALERT: Man Eye Candy Shortage

Come on! I dont believe this. When I first got here I was warned that I should just give up on the idea of dating while I am here. I am an attractive American woman in her 30’s (but I look like I am in my 20’s-very annoying), and yes, single. I was told that the local men wont come near me cause they think that Western women are too squishy (aka, fat) and the foreigners are too mesmerized by the local women. Ok, so far this has been overwhelmingly true.

Here’s the thing. I didnt come here to find a man, so a year without a boyfriend is neither here nor there really. What I miss is cutie men to LOOK at. The foreign men are so sloppy looking that I want to walk over and tell them to get it together! And the local boys, well, the cute ones I do see are young enough to be my son! oops. not a good thing. Is there anyplace I can go in Taiwan just to even remind myself why I like being a single gal? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


hmmm that is a big problem. Though I am a guy, I’ve been noticing there really isn’t enough males on tv either. I’m not gay but I’d like to see more Asian males on tv – theres just too many beauty products and female stuff that marketers really focus way too much on the opposite sex.

Actually, there are many good looking guys in Taiwan, but you might have to go to the gym. I’ve seen a couple of pretty buff and good looking men there. Mmm, otherwise, Warner village (there is a mixture of young and older).

the problem is it isn’t as bad for men, because in taipei they can google at women in shopping areas. Most of the shopping areas in taipei are unfortunately geared towards women, so they would always be a certain area. As for men, they are pretty much split up, you’d have to go to trendy areas.

Squishy my ass! every Taiwanese guy I know wants to fuck your brains out. The choice is yours. Go anywhere be yourself. Say hello and start from there. The world is your oyster.


Not all the foreign men in Taiwan are sloppy looking.

Chodofu is right, most Taiwanese men I know would be with you in a New York minute. It’s true.

Cornell, look in the left hand corner under her pic and check out her profile. She’s in Tainan, not Taipei. But I agree on the basic point - she needs to go to the gym.

Hang around on the 11th floor of the Mitzukoshi down on Jungshan if you need to check out some hardbodies. (on edit: autocensor, it is J-u-n-g-s-h-a-n Road, there is no other romanized name for that street in Tainan)

Where do cute Taiwanese boys hang out?..hmm, I dunno. Are you into the club scene at all? Usually you’ll find all the trendy, fashionable boys down at places like the A.D. or LA Site - social life here tends to revolve around discos.

And if you’re into Filipino or Indonesian men, they always through a big party on Sundays…and I know they’d be dying to get on you and wouldn’t be shy about it, if you showed interest.

Thanks guys! I thougth there might be more defensive replies than anything else, but you guys actually gave me suggestions, very mature of you! I guess I am just used to walking down the street and seeing cutie men, now I will actually have to put some effort into it. Which probably means that its another 8 months of nada. Thanks anyway, I am just lazy as shite. Oh, and I do go to the gym, and there are buff men there, but buff does not always equal attractive. D

You mean you’ve never seen me walking down the street in Tainan, in other words. :wink:

I’d post this pic… … 0000002610 around the boards and you’ll surely get some interest. Perhaps not the kind of interest that you are after though.

Don’t think that all the foreign guys are only into local girls, there are plenty out there who think that they don’t have any other choice and would be with you if they knew you existed. I am an exception though, married to a local woman and find western women don’t suit my tastes anymore. I used to quite like western woman, but now exotic beauties interest me much more. Beyonce, are you there? :wink: :wink: No, my wife is a beauty and I don’t need to shop around.

I can see many examples of western couples in Taiwan and a good few that hooked up while in Taiwan. I have been out with a few of them in Tainan. Now I don’t get out much with other foreigners, being married and being married to a local, and having a habit of speaking too much Chinese tends to stop the phone ringing a bit. Oh, that and the fact that I have a young child too.

Give it time. If you haven’t had dirty Taiwanese men approaching you while out and about in Tainan, well, you must being doing something wrong. Get out and get 'em.

I have had dirty Taiwanese men making passes at me, but that is not the kind of attention I am looking for. I am sure you are right, all generalizations are bullshit in the end. Patience has never been my strongest point!

Even I get passes from dirty Taiwanese men. :blush:

Ha! I’m married, but I just made the comment two days ago that I feel so sorry for the local young girls here who just have nothing to look at! You’ll see a little something in Taipei, but elsewhere, you just have to get lucky. When I was single and in Kaohsiung, I used to look at road crews. Not much in the handsome department, or even cute, but they at least has some muscle and nice tans. Shew! I was desperate!

Maybe you could start a new Taiwan based reality TV show called “Western Gal Eye For The Sloppy Western Guy Who Has Lived In Taiwan Too Long” where you would do a fashion make over each week for some poor foreign slob who let his subscription to GQ run out.

Who knows, the show could be a hit, you could make tons of $$, and then you’d have to fight off all the men eye candy (including me, of course) begging to be your guy!!

One of the refreshing things about Taiwan, in my view, is that folks don’t put much emphasis on personal appearance. Sure, many women get all dolled up here, but lots of guys just don’t care much about what they or their friends look like. I like the fact that people in Taiwan tend to judge each other based on character and personality, rather than appearance. I think that once you get to know a quality, interesting person, that person becomes more attractive to the eyes.

The downside of this, for women in particular, is that it is often hard to find a guy with a trim physique, a good haircut, straight teeth, and a nice-looking face walking the streets of a given town or city in Taiwan. I’ve got a few single male friends in Taipei who fit the bill.

There are some very attractive people here, in every town and city you might visit, but because of the lack of emphasis on appearance, you’re not likely to find as many as you would back home. You might try thinking of this as a positive. One of the things I dislike about America is how quick we are to judge each other based on clothing and physical appearance.

There also always the hope that mod lang may cross your path one of these days :slight_smile: .

Just imagine if our physical appearance accurately reflected our personality characterstics…

Wouldn’t that be incentive to be “good”…

It would also answer the question, "what is “good” and what is “bad”…

[quote=“tigerman”]Just imagine if our physical appearance accurately reflected our personality characterstics…

Wouldn’t that be incentive to be “good”…

It would also answer the question, "what is “good” and what is “bad”…[/quote]

one might argue that is already true to some extent, its just not that obvious. i think there has been studies on this looking at bunch of photos of evil people, megalomaniacs, pyscho-killers, etc.
many cultures also have some version of this (eye as window to the soul kinda thing).

hmm. i wonder what that 4 inch hair on my mole denotes? and my lazy eye? am i lazy?

[quote=“Jack Burton”][quote=“tigerman”]Just imagine if our physical appearance accurately reflected our personality characterstics…

Wouldn’t that be incentive to be “good”…

It would also answer the question, "what is “good” and what is “bad”…[/quote]

one might argue that is already true to some extent…[/quote]

I’m talking about true to the fullest extent… :wink:

Judging from a few of his posts, I think that Quiet Mountain would disagree about the shortage of male eye candy here. But I guess his perspective on this is rather different from a woman’s.

I used to be of the opinion that there were very very few physically attractive Taiwanese men, which made me a feel a whole lot better about my own averagely pleasing physical attributes. But now I see a lot more guys who prompt me to think “Hmm, I bet a lot of girls would go for that.” I don’t know if it’s because the new generation of young and youngish guys are truly better looking and know how to make themselves more presentable, or whether it’s just because I’m no longer young myself and so the mere fact of their youth strikes me as a desirable quality. Probably it’s a bit of both.

My best advice to you, travelgoddess, if you want to do a spot of ogling? Head off to a military camp, and peep through the wire at the squads of conscripts being put through their basic training with their shirts off. If I were a woman (or gay), I’m sure that’s where you’d find me, and I wish there were an equivalent place for us lecherous fellows to scope out the girls.

Isn’t being the coach of a university girls’ swimming team enough for you?
You greedy bugger!!

Thats one thing I liked about Einstein. The dirtier, poorly dressed, and stinkier the girls were, the more he loved them. Variety is definitely the spice of life. I think one should try to cultivate friends of all shapes, colors, sizes, and tastes. I for one, never judge people by how they dress. Although for females, less is definitely the tastiest.

These days judging people on fashion is as stupid as it is illogical. There are as many slob millionaires as there are GQ or Cosmo leeches.


Isn’t being the coach of a university girls’ swimming team enough for you?
You greedy bugger!![/quote]

Oh my God, what wouldn’t I give for that!

In the pool downstairs from my flat, where I swim every morning, there are hardly ever any attractive young women to catch my eye. The sprinkling of people who take to the water at that time of day are nearly all blubbery crones whose appearance in swimsuits is as far from eye-candyish as anything female could possibly be.