Red envelopes for low-and middle-income households - DPP trying to get back the trust from public?


Maybe they should put food stamps in the envelopes?


No kidding. :sunglasses:


Not really their fault. If they are at that salary bracket, they are mostly laborers, and we know the drill: forced vacations, bosses absconding to China, overtime not paid, the worst parts of the labor reform.


If they clos ethe gap bleeding funds for Overseas compatriots, that would help more and in a forward thinking manner.


Of course not. But I don’t see a one-off bribe/vote purchase improving their lot much.


Not sure if this accurate, but here is a Taiwan debt clock.


Yep, but so far they ahave been the most affected negatively by reforms. Discontent. Can´t blame teh government for trying, though as you say, it is not effective.


Yeah it’s called socialism good stuff :smile:

Taiwan is a rich country this is peanuts.


You mean the ones that just return for treatment? I’ve heard that they have a 3 month wait period now for them.


Effective vote buying? That remains to be seen.


It’s called being social, socialism is totally different! It’s not unlike US socialism, food stamps, medicare, rent control …

How do you think insurance works?


I don’t know how does insurance work lol ?


That’s a good thing, is it for real? Some flu tries base it on resident status. I remember before when I became a resident here and told Canada I was no longer a resident there, they took away my health care and I wasn’t allowed to vote federally, which I think is a bit much. But health care for residents only seems on point I think.


It may depend on household registration income I guess.


There’s also been some tax changes over the last two years. I think anybody under 30k per month won’t be paying income tax…Something like that.

Which is a good move, I couldn’t believe people on minimum wage or above were paying income tax!

Tax brackets have moved so us actual workers should all see a bit less tax taken off (if you are the tax paying type not like the landlord scum who don’t pay anything for sitting on their asses collecting money :open_mouth:).


People already didn’t pay tax under a certain amount. Forget the figure but it was 20 something k.


Any details on how to get this, how are assets included ? I’m wondering if my family can get this


Yep, you earn it but Taipei gets to decide how to spend it.

Isn’t there another word for this kind of economic transaction? Oh yeah - robbery.

Lovely. Especially if you’ve worked hard to get your income >30k/mo. Just lovely!

I’m sure it will attract no fraudulent activity so stories about fraud circulating in a few months would never divide Taiwan’s electorate. :whistle:


They didn’t call him Robin Hood for nothing. He was robbin’ the hood.


People always pay tax, every time they buy something they pay VAT, or it’s paid for them at wholesale, import.