Refresh Tears

Loking for refresh tears or some such product for dry eyes (staring at computer too long). I brought back some bottles from Canada that are natural tears and can be used as often as you like (unlike Visine and products like that which should not be used often) but I have run out. Can I just use drops for contact lense wearers? They shouldne innocuous as people have to use them repeatedly every day.

there are artificial tear drop products in Watsons and Cosmed. They have those individual packs that has no preservatives, in tiny tubes like the one you get from doctor’s office. go check. my friend used that all the time, even buy a bunch to bring back to US.

I find ‘Systane’ by Alcon works very well.
It’s in Cosmed and Watson’s.


Actually I got a bunch from my doctor at the Adventist hospital. Cheap enough and they say artifical tears right on the bottle. Work well.

I’ve been using Allergopos, which you can get at any pharmacy.

I wear contacts and use the Bosch and Lomb Artificial Tears. Can be found at most any contacts/glasses store, the little plastic packs that 7/11 or Watsons sell are saline solution which in essence is tears but doesn’t have all the lubricating goodness the B&L Tears do. Your choice thou, the plastic packs are cheaper.