Refund of labour and health insurance?

Hi all,

I am just about to finish my second year in Taiwan working for a multinational company and I am heading home for good. As I was employed locally, the company paid my health and labour insurance to the Taiwanese authorities. I have heard from some friends that since I am not going to reap the benefits of my social security in Taiwan, / apparently I even pay for some retirement plan/, I can collect the money before I go home. However, nobody knows anything for sure. Does any of you know who I should contact?
Thanks a lot!

I would talk to the HR department manager. If he/she doesn’t know ask him/her to find out.

(I doubt though that you would get a refund from the health insurance)

I did last week and keep going back to her office every day. So far I got a yingai bu xin as an answer. She does not appear to be too keen on finding out more about it / I am the only big nose at the company, so this question has not come up yet/. I guess she thinks it’s my money so it’s not her concern. Is there a way I could find about it myself?

The best idea I can come up with is calling the labor insurance bureau to ask.

Honestly, I don’t think you’ll get a whole lot of money back (if any) after being here for only two years. I doubt that you’ll get anything back for having paid into the NHI, and I don’t see why you should. The labor insurance, though, has some kind of pension scheme if my understanding is correct, so you might qualify for some money that way.

There are lots of people who would be interested in finding out the answer to your question, though, so please post whatever you find out.