I have searched and gather that the same taxes I filed today will be refunded within 4-6 months (i.e. not next year). Please correct me if I am wrong. Will I be able to cash that cheque at a U.K. bank?

It’s usually August first. No idea about the UK bank though.

If it comes in August, all is good. Thanks, CF.

I filed in March and was told that a physical check would be available at the end of June or a direct deposit (to a Taiwan bank) would be 8/1. That is strange but whatever.

That’s strange Abacus. I filed recently as well, and they said the refund to a Taiwan bank would be 8/1 but a check would be the end of August, so I opted for the direct deposit. hmmm

It basically tells me that all direct deposits are made on 8/1 while all checks are processed about 3 months after you file.