Registering a scooter with no ARC

IS it possible to register a scooter without an ARC?

Pretty sure you need an ARC. I have not heard of someone registering without one

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A m/c dealer once told me that you can register a vehicle with two forms of local ID, or with an ARC. Don’t know the truth of that… could be the “two forms of ID” is what a proxy needs, and the owner has a lien on the vehicle with title in the name of the proxy.

Ok , thanks guys. I guess I’ll just have to wait.

according to the current state of law in Taiwan.
You must have ARC.

Just chiming in to say, nope, nope nope. You definitely need an ARC, JFRV, APRC etc. to legally register any vehicle in Taiwan. You don’t, however, need any form of driver’s license.

You don’t need a driver’s license and you only need to have an ARC when you initially register the scooter/moto/car. If your ARC is canceled they don’t take away your scooter.

We have this fb group for people living in Kaohsiung and there’s a guy who claims he was able to register his scooter just with the uniform ID (Record of ID Number in the ROC).

Does anyone have more information on this? I’m looking to buy a scooter and at first I wanted to go the “illegal” way, but if I can do everything properly without ARC that would be much better.

[b]"How can an alien apply for vehicle registration?

(1)New registration:
Please submit the original ARC, seal or signature, motor insurance certificate, vehicle import certificate, factory-gate certificate, tax certificate, type approval documents, and supplier’s invoice.

Please submit the original ARC, seal or signature, and motor insurance certificate, and vehicle import certificate. If the transfer is being handled by a third party in the absence of the previous or present owner, a second document, e.g. passport, must also be submitted." [/b]