Registering for university, have APRC

I’m planning on going for my masters in Taiwan after having stayed in my home country for some months.

I have an APRC, which has been paused while outside of Taiwan.

Can I still file for financial aid after having lived in Taiwan for several years and holding the APRC? If it is possible to apply for support, which would be the best way to go on that?

Has anyone any experience doing this? And what can I expect?

experience of attending university in taiwan, and what you can expect from taiwanese univ?

Specifying which univ and/or department might help to get more replies.

And how does APRC relate?

You’ll have a blast!

Don’t expect to win any writing awards…why the hell is APRC in your title?

  1. Do you have an APRC?

  2. Are you enrolling at BA or graduate level?

  3. Are you attending one of the taught in English programs or Chinese taught?

Read what the OP wrote.


did you already check university’s site on scholarship? Many univs list scholarships students can apply for.

Edited after my questions.

Foreign students should apply for scholarships at the Taiwan representative office or embassy in their country of origin.

for government scholarships.

There are scholarships to apply through university too.

imo, the best way is asking to the organization handling the scholarship you intend to apply for.

Thanks for replying to my original unedited post and asking those very good specific questions. I think I am mainly concerned that my status in Taiwan might block my ability to get financial aid. I have lived in Taiwan for over 25 years and my APRC has been active for about eight years.

It shouldn’t. It’s generally based on citizenship.

…which is why he´s got a better chance to apply abroad. As usual, against all logic, those have the lion´s share.

What sort of grades do you need for a scholarship?
Are they only offered to the top 10%?

No, they take into account other stuff too. Like guanxi. Potential. Social media presence.

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