Registering Marriage in 3rd country to Taiwan

I met my Taiwanese husband in Australia while studying here and we got married in Australia. We want to register our wedding in Taiwan as well but I cannot find any information about how to register the wedding done in a 3rd country. I’ve been trying to search up everywhere and some suggest that I need to register our wedding too in my own country, which I not prefer, because some said I need to do religious wedding in my country in order to register to household office. Is there anyone in here who got married in third country and register their marriage to Taiwan and able to give me some advise?
Is there also a possibility I can enter Taiwan with him in near future as his spouse? I know Taiwan closes their border for foreigner but maybe I have a chance as a spouse? It’s just because his visa expires soon and we may need to go to Taiwan because of that.

Here is how to register a marriage. In Chinese, so your spouse may help you to understand it.

In English here.

Marriage between a national and a foreigner should be registered in the foreigner’s country before registered in Taiwan.

As a spouse of a Taiwanese, you can get a special visa to enter Taiwan. Your marriage may also need to be registered in your country, but I am not sure. You could contact to TECO.

If you need a residency in Taiwan, how to get it as a spouse is here.

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As far as I know it’s needed to register your wedding in the home country too. But maybe if you don’t care about ever living here (Taiwan) and getting an ARC it might not be needed. But you can not just enter Taiwan because you’re married to your husband, you always need a visa or visa free for some countries, entering Taiwan relies on your home country’s passport. You didn’t specify were you’re from originally.


Thanks! We would like to live in Taiwan for the future and that’s why I am trying to look for all information

Thanks for your reply, i will study it further. Hopefully i don’t need to register it in my country because it’s really complicated to do so!

What is your country?

Oh right i forgot to answer, Indonesia


The procedures to register your marriage and get ARC depend on your nationality. You may check BOCA and MOI sites for details.

Here is a summary of the current entry ban.

Details are here. Notice on Mar 18.

then, your husband needs to check here. In Chinese, how to register your marriage in Taiwan and how to get your ARC.

Most probably, you should do the procedures at TECO in Indonesia, and your marriage should be registered in your country.

Thanks so much!
I’ll let him know. I’ve learnt Taiwan differ visa and resident permit which I am really unfamiliar with.