Registration? What's the crack?

I’m searching for second hand 250’s. Of course price depends on whether the bike has a license plate, and or registration, (not always in that order).

Does anybody know;
What is the process of registering a bike without a plate or rego papers, insurance etc…?

Is it all the trouble and price I dare think it may be?

No trouble and no money involved – you simply can’t do it.


I asked the head honcho over at Ba De DMV if I could register a salvaged bike- the answer was a big negative.

(see my post under Forumosa Motorheads)

Wish ya could, I’d have a RG 400 Gamma and a GPZ 1100 in my garage right now.

You know, there ARE certain people who can get you plates for your bike…for a price. I’ll say no more.


So given that, suppose the police stop a vehicle with none of the above, what are the legal rights of the driver/police?

Can they take the keys, and impond the vehicle, or as I’ve heard, possibly hand out a ticket for not being legal? (Heaven forbid, does that happen here?)

There seems to be an awful lot of fines before you break even on legality.

Thinking hypothetically.

One of my friends got pulled over driving a 250 that was just over the age limit, so he didn’t have proper plates on it. Anyways, they took the bike, and that was that. He saw a few lawyers for advice, but the bike was pretty much gone. I don’t think he actually got fined though.

Yep…if they feel like it they will just take the bike. My friend got his 1300 Hayabusa confiscated like that. The police said they felt sorry for him and if he gave them 100,000 on the spot…they’d let him have his bike back.

mmm. Doesn’t really seem worth the hassle. Thanks for the pointers.

No, it can’t be done. Well, actually it can. But it will cost about the price of a new Fireblade.

I am not surprised, could anyone help me understand, (as best they can) why this is so?

Has it anything to do with illegally imported vehicles with no paid tax? Or possibly worries about stolen parts, or vehicles?

I’m aware that asking a mechanic to change engines is near impossible because of engine/frame numbers etc.

I’m interested to know the motivation behind the laws. (If there are any at all.)

There was an excellent article about all this in last weeks copy of POTS. Not sure if it’s on their website or not.

There isn’t a salvaged/wrecked bike registration law in Taiwan.

I hope this might help:

I can only go on my own experiences in California. I registered a few repo’ed motorcycles as “salvaged” meaning that they were at one time deemed unroadworthy and the plates were pulled on them.

I fixed them up (Well my super talented agrophobic mechanic partner did)
I re-registered them with new plates and registration after passing emissions and safety tests.

Some of the bikes had been “totalled” by dealerships meaning they checklisted a thousand tiny things wrong with the bike that would make the bike so expensive to fix it would exceed the worth of a bike and therefore uninsurable and listed as a “wrecked” bike.

Taiwan doesn’t have an existing law to cover these situations hence the lack of vintage car clubs etc. You can’t rebuild a bike here and register it.

You can’t register a bike that has been deemed a wreck, seized by the police or EPA as abandoned etc.

Why does the Gov. do this?

To make us all happy consumers who buy new, taxable products every 1.5 years is why.

Now stop making me type so much–my vocabulary is limited.

pm me with any additional questions :sunglasses: