um, this may be a dumb question but my roommate wants to register his own handle (but we use the same pc). unfortunately we can’t find the place to register even after i log out…someone point me in the right direction pleeze? :?:

On the main page there are 2
(well, fairy big, I saw them with no problem) boxes undnearth the word ‘Welcome’ to type your username and password. I think they are also at the top of every other page if you’re not logged in. I’m not sure where you were looking for them…
I think questions like this belong in the ‘Feedback and annoucements’ forum.

yes i know that…but if you dont have a password where do you go to register a new one?

Beg your parsip, I thought you wanted to know how to have 2 usernames on one PC.
To be honest, I can’t find where you register either… Gus, MaoPerson ? Where the ‘register’ butter ?
But click here for now :arrow_right:

Or even better, press the ‘Profile’ button under one of your posts, in there is a referral link your friend can use to register.

I realize that registering your own name isn’t terribly obvious – which is pretty silly, since we encourage registration (there’s a whole lot more you can do than just read or post in the Jobs Forum)

I’ll look to correct this oversight in the upgrade scheduled for later this year.

For now, try any of these methods:

  1. When you are logged OUT of the forum, ask your roommate to look carefully at the login box at the top ( – the text in the top of the box says, “click here to register” or something like that (I can’t recall exactly, becuase to post here, I have to be logged in, and the login box disappears when I am logged in)

  2. Or, you can go to anyone’s profile and click the referral link. You may want to take this tactic becuase this way, you automatically earn 20 guanxi points (woo-woo!) (look up Miltownkid’s signature sometime – he has the right idea :slight_smile:)

  3. Contact one of the administrators for help (admin at – but let me warn you, this is probably the slowest way to get registered. Since registrations only require (1) a name, (2) a valid e-mail address and (3) a password, we are not going to place much priority on those who can’t get beyond this – in only the most extreme exceptions should we be expected to act quicker than mud.

  4. Click here now:


um thanks for all that…got it figured out now (altho’ i still couldn’t find the click here to register button; maybe cos my monitor is buggered and doesnt show black type agst dark backgrounds!)