“First black president”? Forgive me, but are you at all aware of a continent called Africa or the islands of the Caribbean? Just curious.

Never heard of them. You’re making this up, right?

Oh, boy, that is a cruel joke. True, but sad, nevertheless.

Reminds me of this MAD spoof on the movie Armaggeddon, where they had these two characters in a little corner saying:

A: Wow! I can’t believe they finally elected a black president.
B: Sure, but only when the world is about to be obliterated by an asteroid!

I’ve got no quarrel with that joke. But isn’t it still possible it may not be true? Obviously Jacko had a shitload of surgeries to change his appearance, but isn’t it still uncertain whether he intentionally lightened his skin or, as he claims, merely suffers from a disease (vitiligo) that lightened his skin?

No, vitiligo produces a very blotchy result (read at your link), which is quite different from the above freak’s appearance. While it’s entirely possible he also had some vitiligo somewhere on his body, I’m positive that his facial whiteness is the result of cosmetic alteration, and I strongly suspect that his claimed vitiligo diagnosis is utter BS.

Well, as someone that has vitiligo, what he has is not it. However, you can get a “treatment” for vitiligo which involves removing all of your skin pigmentation leaving you more or less white…
It’s meant to be both expensive and quite painful and not something I’d ever consider.

On topic, the joke is quite funny in an evil sort of way…

If we are going to take this seriously, then, I’d like to say that I do not know whether his claim of skin problems is true, but the hair and the facial “cosmetic” surgeries are all his own doing. Whether he had them to look more white or to look like Diana Ross is also debatable and none of my business, but nevertheless, it is a pity that he cannot be such a cultural and artistic icon for and like other members of his own “minority” due to his own doing -and I am not refering to the color of his skin. I think times have changed a lot. Being “black” in MJ’s time was a lot harder, and he had a lot of obstacles to overcome, becoming a major artist. It is a pity that an artist of his accomplishments and caliber cannot occupy a promionent role now, but that has to do more with his won actions regarding other issues that are not related to the color of his skin and more with other “preferences” -rather, mental problems.

In summary, now that it is “in” being “black”, he’s out of synch with the times.