Regular Segue get-together at a bar?

I remember reading somewhere on this site, a while ago, that Segue or its predecessor organized a regular mixer at some bar, every month or so, in order for new expats to meet each other. Does that still happen? If so, when and where is it announced on this site? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I just don’t have a lot of time to go rifling through webpages at the moment.

Why doesn’t Segue do this too, but it would be a different crowd I hope.

By the way, how can you commercialize a meeting of friends? I mean how could someone make money from that? Who would buy The days of the uninformed being ripped off by investing in internet companies is over. So who bought, Rip Van Winkle?

Some exciting things happening over that OrIeNtED. Keep checking back in the next couple of weeks.


looking at it seems a bit snobby, “Upscale establishments”, “International professionals”, “networking” etc… what about the rest of us who aren’t managing an foreign company and don’t live in Yangmingshan ? Sorry if I got the wrong idea, what that is what is says to me, American Club members only please

I agree. Too many ties in those photos. How about a meet-and-drink for those of us who have sworn off ties? Hexuan is coming soon. We should have a party for him. I’ll bring the Astral Weeks CD, and he’s promised to wear a thong and dance for all of us. He he.

Oh dear.

Guys, there’s more to Oriented than those Happy Hours (I don’t fit in there myself)… lots more. Just keep your eye on the site in the next few weeks.

Don’t worry. I go there regularly and I’m just one notch up from a hobo.

People with red eyes get a special deal on the drinks.

You’re not the only hobo jub,
There’s many other hobocentric liulanghan out here…
I’m one of them:)