🛂 Regulations - E-Visa or ESTA with an NWOHR passport

I´m in TW, but I don´t qualify for TARC with my NWOHR passport. The NIA told me with a work permit I can qualify, so I apply to english teaching position and guess what?

I´m not allowed to teach english because I´m not native english speaker.

Right. But you don’t have to teach English. Find a company that is willing to sponsor you and that works with your skills. I am not a teacher either.

Surely you have skills that can make you good for a job, right? Where are you otherwise from?

I have an APRC, that is pretty much end of the line.

I see you have a lot of experience with allthis ARC/TARC process. What other options do I have to get an TARC?

If you have $500 000 TWD, perhaps you can open a business if you want to do that.

Or, just simply apply to jobs you think you can get and try to get a work permit so you can get your TARC.

Applying to a job to get a work permit seems to be my best option.


When you say sponsor, exactly what will the company has to do?
Hire me and offer me work permit and the rest of the legal benefits?


You just have to go to a different office. Sometimes they just see you as a foreigner and will just say NO. As long as you have all the paperwork, try a few offices until they give you your TARC. Or use an agency that will help you.

So if i have $500,000TWD are you sure i can open a business?and my other questions are;
1)in that 500k TWD can i registered under my name into it?
2)how about any permit i can registered under my name?
3)are there any restrictions on what business i can open?

You need to import it and declare it at the border or wire it through legal channels.

Yes, but it needs to be deposited into the company account when you open it.

Well, it would be under the company’s name. You own the company.

Almost everything except obvious things like national security. My CPA can answer this better.