🛂 Regulations - E-Visa or ESTA with an NWOHR passport

Can a NWOHR passport be used to apply E-VISA or ESTA?


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Any E-VISA: USA, Canada, Australia

You gotta be specific.

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For the US, I guess the question would be whether NWOHR is considered “citizenship”

According to Wikipedia:

Although NWOHR status only has one Chinese-language name, the Ministry of Justice has used several English translations. These include: “nationals without registered permanent residence in the Taiwan Area”,[2] “non-citizen ROC nationals”,[3] “unregistered nationals”,[4] “Overseas Chinese having not established household registration in the Republic of China”,[5] and “people without nationalities in Taiwan”.[6] The Taipei Times occasionally uses “nationals without citizenship”.[7][8]

Maybe @fifieldt can share some thoughts?

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page 50 of NWOHR passports show the following words in ink.
In Traditional Chinese:

Translation: “This passport is not eligible for visa waiver programs of some countries according to their regulations.”

from linko :


Exceptions: Passports issued since May 20, 2000, meet the definition of a passport under INA requirements as long as they contain a national identification number on the biographic page. Despite the term “passport” on the cover, documents that do not show that the bearer has a Taiwan national identification number do not allow the bearer unrestricted right to enter and/or reside in Taiwan and do not satisfy the definition of a passport under INA 101(a)(30). Pursuant to 22 CFR 41.104(b), the Department has waived the passport requirement for bearers of such documents, who may be issued visas on Form DS-232 if they are otherwise eligible. Visas should be limited to a single entry within three months. Such persons are considered stateless for visa issuing purposes.


In general NWHOR passports are not eligible for visa waiver programmes since they do not have the national ID field populated. They are regarded kinda like passports for aliens issued by some countries, like Estonia for its ethnic Russian residents.

NWHOR passports are not valid for the Schengen 90-days visa free waiver for instance I know.

I checked my NWOHR passport and it doesn´t have that article.

Australia - no you cannot get an ETA. You can use a NWOHR passport to apply for a visitor visa provided you have residency rights somewhere (so if you have a TARC, you can apply)

“If I have TARC, I can apply for ETA”. Do you have the source to validate it?

that sounds not what I said. With a TARC you can apply for a visitor visa

I can get a visitor visa with my native passport.


So what´s the deal having a NWOHR TW passport? It seems it´s the same as having a TW visa.

It’s basically your proof that you are of Chinese descent and gives you a tie to the Republic of China and a way in to integrate here. If you integrate successfully and get your household registration, then your rights are fully restored. Then you can use that passport to work and live in Taiwan and take advantage of the visa-free travel without renouncing your old country as well as rights to live and work in China with the Taiwan Compatriot Pass.

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Yes, but you cannot get TARC easily with TWpassport. It´s just one of bunch of requirements. In fact, you cannot apply to job with this passport in TW.

That’s right, but it’s not always easy to get an ARC either.

It’s just that you get one step ahead of the rest of us. Maybe one step is not a lot of difference, but it is an important step.

And since we have to give up our nationalities to become Taiwanese, we get discrimination forever in Taiwan if we even think about keeping any ties to our old countries.

Similarly, it makes getting a good passport easier if you come from a country that has a difficult passport. Your mileage may vary.

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You´re a nwohr, too?

I’m not. I’m a foreigner with no ethnic ties to Taiwan staring into the glass ceiling of citizenship as I receive another denial for a loan because I do not possess the magical plastic card known as the Shenfenzheng.

I have no ability to advance in Taiwan without cutting all of my familial and business ties in my two countries of Italy and Canada.

If you are in Taiwan, or do come to Taiwan, you can advance without cutting your ties.