"Relationship obits"

It had to come to this, I guess.

First, newspapers prepare obituaries (obits)… in advance …for famous people… BEFORE… they die, so they can rush out with the obit as soon as they die. Extra, extra, read all about it!

Now the reckoning culture has spawned, …are you ready?..

“Relationship obituaries”

When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston broke up in early January, news reports surfaced that several US media outlets had prepared ‘‘a relationship obituary’’ on the Pitt-Anniston marriage situation and a new term was born: ‘‘relationship obituaries’’. Some major news organizations prepare obituaries about famous people and celebrities in advance of their deaths, so the media can rush out quickly with a death notice and story.

Now some media groups are preparing “relationship obituaries” – who knew? – about famous couples and other VIP relationships. One magazine denied they do this: An editor at US magazine, Janice Min, told the Associated Press “we don’t have relationship obituaries ready to go.” They soon will…