'relatives' not related by blood (but thru marriage)?


Hi. Let’s say your father has a sibling who is your aunt or uncle (very simple). That aunt or uncle has a spouse who is your aunt in law or uncle in law. So no longer related to yourself by blood but still considered your relative, right? Is that uncle/aunt-in-law’s relatives still your relatives or not because there are no blood ties? I mean in the English language, are such people still your ‘relatives’? Does relative only refer to people with shared blood ties? But, if so, even your aunt/uncle in law is not a relative because there is no shared blood line. I’m confused.


Your uncle’s wife is your aunt, yes.


They can be considered relatives and referred to as such. That the term “blood relative” exists illustrates this. Bit of a grey area. The term “in-laws” is there as well


My daughter’s cousins are her sisters.


Thanks. I used to think ‘2nd cousin’ could refer to the child of the brother/sister of your aunt/uncle-in-law. But I was totally wrong. Such people aren’t ‘cousins’ at all, they are not related to you. “cousin-in-law”?


It’s just nomenclature. Varies by culture.


Short answer is no in your particular example (family of your uncle-by-marriage). In the UK they might be referred to as ‘extended family’. The word ‘relatives’ would normally not be used. However as BiggusDickus said it’s a matter of culture, not language. In the Philippines people acquire all sorts of “relatives” who really aren’t, but in that culture it pays to expand your circle of people you can leech off.


I got thinking about this after having read an article about incest. but is marrying a ‘cousin’ who has no blood ties to you at all considered incest? i suppose not.


We are all brothers and sisters. Oh…