Releasing the (mental/emotional) poison

So, you’ve had a day or two or a few where you’ve been dealing with people who aren’t the most positive, and haven’t been saying the nicest things to you. In all likelihood it’s because of their insecurities or mental/emotional state, and they’re just offloading, consciously or not.

You might be a bit exhausted. You might be a little less tolerant of their ways. You might want to lash out in kind. But you hold your mouth because you know that returning the negativity does you no good. You’ve become better at not saying silly things.

But nonetheless you ruminate over what they said, it does affect you to some degree. One person, a friend, referred to your wardrobe as bad and ugly, the other, a colleague, referred to you as ‘this’, not ‘him’ when talking about you to another colleague. It’s easy enough to blow off, but you found yourself thinking some less than positive things “why are there twats like this in the world?”, “I’m not going to bother with that colleague in future, blow them off next time”, “this friend of mine - I won’t be contacting them for a while, punish them for their insensitive words”, etc etc.

So basically you’re stewing away in negative thoughts, getting moodier and less inclined to be pleasant to the general populace, and if you go out tonight you may lash out at somebody, whether they deserve it or not, or you just may stay at home because your mood has become so sour you don’t even feel like going out and socializing anymore.

What do you do to slip out of the mood, and be pleasant, or at least civil, to these people the next time you see them? In the back of your mind you know your friend thinks you have a shitty wardrobe, although you know it’s fine, and your colleague is on your shitlist for being a twat.

Baas Man -
This vid ain’t me…but its what I do now sometimes…

Meneer Babelaas, I think you need a nice big wank.

Jy dink so, Mnr P? It could well be the cause of my (over)sensitivity - lack of bedroom boom boom action…

Go out for a walk, run, hike. Exercise is an act that gives a person power when he feels powerless. Works like a charm, every time.

I count my blessings and it makes me feel great. :discodance:

Like Tomas the Wise says, go for a run.

Better yet, do that and then go volunteer at a soup kitchen. Or an animal shelter. Rescue a stray animal, a lame dog on the street, and nurse it to health. Give blood. Find a bum and give him a hand. Foster some newborn stray kittens.


Channel your time and energy into something positive and rewarding, preferably something selfless, and the other crap will fall by the wayside. Your sense of perspective will improve. The poison will dissolve away.

:roflmao: :roflmao: I couldn’t believe I was reading that, I couldn’t believe DB writing that :noway: I read it like 3 times before it hit me…bum = homeless person. Nice to go to bed laughing!!!

yup, working out is the best!!
When I was distracted, I’d spend time running on the treadmill for hours.
if gym is not working, I drink, drink and drink…with friends.

and if not working again, I call my ex’s…
then I would feel the world is such an wonderful place…(nothing makes me happier to know some bast*rds are miserable :popcorn: )

I went for a ride yesterday, will go for another one today. Does help somewhat…