Reliable hourly weather (rainfall)?

I have this link from the CWB that so far has given me the best data for rainfall:

I love the map overlay format, and the data is quite accurate, the only problem is that it groups together the data in increments of no less than 6 hours.

I’m hoping to get similarly reliable data - and I would love if it’s similarly presented too (because it removes the ambiguity associated with numbers attached tocity names) - but more granularly, like every hour.

Does such a thing exist for Taiwan?

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I guess not.

I found weather forecast in Taiwan to be unreliable. It’s sunny and 38 degrees every day until it isn’t.
Maybe weather forecast in Taiwan is harder?



Weather Bug

Time and Date


The Weather channel

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I am not too concerned about temperature, just rainfall.

That link I gave is quite good for the next 12 hours. Beyond that it is a guess.

But what I would love is for the short term to be able to get more granular data. Even those next 6-12 hours in hourly format would be great!

For example, meeting up with someone tonight, 6 hour forecast says 8pm-2am there will be rain - but that is a big window, and having an hourly estimate would make making plans a lot better. At the moment the only sure fire way is if it says no rain, but in this season, that is very rare. Yet it doesn’t always rain consistently.

They obviously have the data, just hoping it is published somewhere. The Google hourly info is the typical “always raining on islands”.

Oh the Windy app looks good! You can scroll by hour and it’s a map, nice!

How is it in terms of reliability?

Windy is very reliable and has many functions

the weather forecasts are based on data from the GFS models, ECMWF, and NEMS model from the Swiss company Meteoblue

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Murphys Law says

  • Leave Umbrella at Home - it will rain.
  • Take a Big Umbrella that wont fit in your bag - scares any rain away.

Going to bump this thread. In the US I like WeatherUnderground, but here… it’s been showing 3 inches of rain today between 1 and 3pm with 90% chance. Google shows 90% chance as well (no amount given). But I’m pretty sure we’re not going to get much of anything… Official govt site says 20% chance of rain, no amount given.

I installed Windy as suggested here and in another thread and it shows amount but not odds? Shows only 0.17 inches, at 2pm, but I don’t see an hourly/daily chance of rain anywhere.
Looks like you have to pay for hourly, otherwise it’s 3-hour. And I question the accuracy when it says the data is only updated twice per day (4x on premium). WeatherUnderground constantly changes.

Also to add, the govt site does have a 3-hour forecast, on a different part of the site from the 6-hour mentioned:

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