Relocating from US

I apologize in advance for the dumb questions that I am about to ask. However, since the dumbest questions are often the ones not asked

I think your best bet would be to contact the ROC representitive office nearest you. You would get all you infor there. Probably get your visa there too.

If not, you’ll need to bring your criminal record check, certified by the ROC trade office. it’s only valid for 2 months. So timing, that’s for sure.

Other than that, everything is taken care of from here.

What are you going to do? Teach? If so your school can give you an ARC for 1 year then you can sort out the ARC through the wife. You’ll find a job in your area but it may take time. AMCham would be a good start. Once you get the ARC through the wife you can work anywhere…better chances at getting a job in your area. Milk the wifes family for contacts…

Also try or However they are in Chinese. Start applying for the jobs they have. You might get lucky


There are a lot of investment houses focused on Taiwan stocks hiring foreigners without CFAs or MBAs if they have already had a lot of work experience in the Taiwan tech industry. They work as analysts and sales people. With a CFA it should be infinitely more easy for you to get a job there. I current have a good friend at Deutsche Bank and three others at other houses, but I have to double check again which houses those were. It shouldn’t be too hard for you. Maybe you should come out here for a couple of weeks and knock on some doors before deciding. Don’t be put off by the summertime heat, as you know most of the year it is quite pleasant here.

Regarding the ARC, don’t worry about it. No need to get it first, although that should make it easier to get a job as the Investment house doesn’t have to justify you are more qulaified than a local if you have an ARC through marriage you treated more like a local in terms of hiring.