Remake of Battlestar Galactica on Sky ONE UK

I have been getting this off MIRC and Bit Torrent and its amazing. Nothing like the original show, which sucks with by todays standards. Its gritty and almost noir-ish, and is one of the most human sci-fi shows out there. The best episodes so far are “33” and “Litmus”. If you like minimalist sci-fi driven by characters you’ll love this, but if you like cheesy crap like the original you’ll probably hate it. Has anyone seen it? What did u think?

Courtesy of a very kind Foromosan living right out here by me in Linkou, I got the 2-part pilot plus the first eight episodes (I’d already seen the latter half of the 1st season on Cinemax, which is what turned me on to the show).

I’m pretty hooked - it’s the quintisential (sp?) sci-fi soap opera. However, the writers seem to have an attitude of ‘we can do whatever we want storywise and we’re not under obligation to explain anything’ which I find annoying. I understand the show is sci-fi and I need to suspend my disbelief; however, there needs to be an ‘internal logic’ in that context to which everything adheres.

So far I think it’s rather unclear whether the writers themselves have a reasonable idea for how certain things are able to happen - such as the blond succubus who normally lives in Baltar’s mind suddenly coming out of his mind to walk around in the real world, leaving her glasses on the table, and then disappearing back where she came from!

Having said that, I think the show is still intriguing, and the original miniseries is definitely hardcore intense.

If you can catch it, I definitely recommend you do so - wish someone would, actually, 'cause there are points I’d like to discuss!

I am currently 8 episodes into season two of BG. I think the shows writer, Ron Moore is purposefully building this up in a slow deliberate manner. Instead of using short arcs of story he is building up for a big payoff. Even the cliffhanger ending of season one was only a minor twist. The problem with this - and where the show takes its biggest gamble - is that hapennings in some episodes can seem trivial until later upisodes where seemingly inconsequential strands come together. This tests patience in usual circumstances, but BG has fabulous character development to make up for such long waits. It even keeps the plot hungry at bay when those rare but brilliant action scenes are absent. In episode one of season two there is one of the best dogfights i have ever seen. Not telling any more, but it’s like Saving Private Ryan in space (not gory at all, but the camera work and realism (in ligth of the genre) were amazing)

I just started watching this show, and as I haven’t gotten any First Season shows, have started with the second. It has totally gripped me. Great writing, lots of suspense. It can be hard to watch sometimes, as I do find it a tad like “Saving Private Ryan” at times, but still amazing.

Good stuff.