Remedy for sweaty back on car seats

It’s so hot and humid now…I often find that I am sweating by the time I get to the car. With leather seats the sweat stays on my back the entire drive.

What do you suggest to ameliorate this?

where are you?in Taipei its still not that bad.
back in the day, when i couldnt afford a car with an AC, i had a Tshirt to drive in and would change when i I arrived.

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Can’t you get one of those beaded wooden seat cover things? (I don’t know the proper name, but I remember seeing them.)


Some ideas:

  • Back Lumbar Support
  • Wood Beaded Seat Cushion
  • Cooling seat for car
  • Purchase a seat cover made of mesh
  • Put antiperspirant on your back.
  • Using a sweat barrier such as an undershirt or sweat-proof pad
  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep a towel handy
  • Windshield Sun Shades
  • Park in the shade
  • Steering wheel cover
  • Wear loose, light, and breathable clothing made of natural fibers like cotton that won’t make you sweat more than necessary. Therefore, avoid synthetic materials like polyester, which can make you sweat even more.
  • Install tinted Windows



Yeah it’s still pretty cold up here :smiley:

My general suggestion for handling hot weather and sweating less is to… stop using AC at all and exercise more, adjust your body to the hot weather and lose some of that excessive fat that keeps you warm. What’s more exercising in hot weather helps to reduce your resting temperature.

IMHO using AC especially the way Taiwanese do setting it to 18-20 deg is a trap because going out you cannot avoid the heat and will always suffer as your body is not adjusted


Taichung. Good idea about a change of clothes in the car. I’ll look for those wooden bead seat covers.

the wood ones work alright. but not a lot of air. there are wire ones with mesh coverings you can buy at car accessory shops. they work good but if you are tall and have a tiny car they occupy valuable leg room

second always have a spare set of clothes in the car. Often if driving a ways on my own I wear long boxers and no shirt with a towel on the seat. change when I get close. sweat is a real problem when going to work related things, outings etc.

like these

avoid the ones with the big bulge in the lower back. those will put you in a wheelchair after a few years! find one that fits :slight_smile:

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Huh? A couple of days ago I saw Taipei was 33 or 34 degrees. It hasn’t gone over 30 or 31 yet in Kaohsiung (and usually doesn’t). 32 is the highest I’ve ever seen, but only for a couple of days out of the year.

It was hot at the weekend, but it’s fine today and when they wrote the post. I’m finding it unusually cool, and haven’t even needed the AC the last 2-3 days.

Really? What’s “unusually cool” for you? Because my weather app says it’s 29 degrees in Taipei right now, which is hot to me (and definitely AC weather).

I’m not a fan of hot weather and would probably use the AC for a large part of the year if somebody else was paying for it.

Right now, I’m lying in bed with fan but no AC and a duvet over me, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, and I’m not overly warm. Usually when I move to the other room to work I’d need to at least drag the fan over to stay comfortable, but at the moment I don’t and can just sit there working with no fan and no AC without sweating.

This is what I meant by “unusually cool” (for mid/late May).

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pollution helps shade the sun :joy:

On the contrary, pollution makes it hotter.

But it only gets polluted here in the winter, mostly due to lack of rain. Summers are the same as Taipei.


it’s more likely that kaohsiung being coastal and taipei being a bowl. it’s also what causes so much of the south pollution to be blown away, being open.

Wind is quite the temperature changer. on the opposite side of the mountains the wind causes burning winds which are a special kind of insanity.

summer is just as polluted in ktown, it’s just it gets rained down into our soil and aquifer rather than stuck airborne and settling on surfaces so people dont see it with their eyes as much.

Turn on the heated seat to dry off the sweat? :slight_smile:

I’ve never cleaned any car stains

Ride a scooter.