Remittance code

What remittance code can I use to transfer money (savings and pension) from my Dutch bank into my new ESUN bank account?

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Look inside your passbook, on the first page, it tells you how to wire transfer in


IBAN is your account number

Maybe also relevant:

Thanks, I have no problem with the swift code and account number, but the bank is asking for the reason for the transfer. None of the codes suggested seem appropriate.

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What do you want to use the money for?

Have you looked at the link I posted?

You probably won’t find a more appropriate code than that - and if you go to the bank branch in person, they’ll probably use that one.

I confirm that the ESun employee dealing with foreign accounts at my local branch told me to use 510 when I transfer money from a personal account based in another country.
I have been using it since.

Thanks, that’s the one I will try to use!

And always best to ask your bank!

Tell them what the money’s for and they will tell you what code to use. They have to ask because of money laundering regulations.